BTS Member Profile and Facts: Jungkook

  1. Jungkook’s full name is Jeon Jungkook
  2. His favorite number is 1
  3. He likes sunny weather
  4. Jungkook has an older brother, Jung Hyun
  5. Blood Type: A
  6. In about 10 years, Jungkook would like to be a restaurant owner or a tattoo artist
  7. Jungkook went to USA to practise dancing without emotions
  8. His favorite colours are red,black and white
  9. Jungkook wants a girl who is at least 168cm tall, smaller than him, a good wife, smart, having pretty legs & nice
  10. Jungkook’s favorite song is ‘See through’ by Zion T ft. Primary
  11. His birthday is on 1st of September 1997
  12. Jungkook’s star sign is Virgo
  13. Jungkook’s nicknames are Kookie, Golden Maknae and Jeon Jungkookie
  14. He is trying to fix his Satoori accent
  15. His favorite foods are bread, pizza, pork soup and sashimi
  16. He might be a Golden Maknae but he is a Devil Maknae too
  17. Jungkook has rhinitis
  18. His role model is G-Dragon
  19. His hometown is Busan
  20. Jungkook wants Japanese fans to call him Golden Maknae or Kookie
  21. He is influenced by G-Dragon, Macklemore and the Supreme Team
  22. Jungkook’s dream was to be a badminton player, but in 10th grade, when he listened a song by G-Dragon, he changed his opinion
  23. His mottos are “Living without passion is like being dead” and “Rather be dead than cool”
  24. Jungkook always practise singing while he is exercising or running, because once he didn’t like his voice
  25. Once,he was crying because he didn’t sing very well
  26. When he is in trouble or worried about something, he talks to Rap Monster, because Rap Monster is always the first one to notice that something’s wrong
  27. One day, Jungkook wants to go on a trip with his soulmate
  28. Jungkook was the only member who had a girlfriend older than him
  29. If he had a superpower, he would like to be able to talk with animals
  30. “If Jungkook was an animal, what would it be?”                                 -Jin: “A dog”                                       -JHope: “A dog”                                 -Suga: “A dog”                                   -Rap Monster: “A chikorita (pokémon) or a fox”
  31. Jungkook reads many comic books
  32. Jungkook likes to annoy the Hyungs
  33. Jungkook is 2 years younger than Jimin but makes fun of Jimin because he is taller than Jimin
  34. Jungkook is 178cm tall
  35. Jungkook has a very good memory
  36. His ideal date would be at the beach
  37. In order to become a trainee, he moved from Busan to Seoul and ge was lonely because he was shy and it was difficult for him to make new friends
  38. When he was younger, Jungkook played video games all day. He used his parents’ money to buy games. He says he was more hardcore than the other kids
  39. Jungkook is interested in arts
  40. Jungkook says Bangtan is his life
  41. Jungkook studies hard because he wants to be a musician who makes good lyrics, like the other Hyungs
  42. His favorite time of the day is when he rests, eats and has a break
  43. Jungkook wants to have Rap Monster’s and Suga’s knowledge, JHope’s positive mind, Jimin’s persistence and effort, V’s natural talent and Jin’s wide shoulders
  44. Jungkook is addicted to music
  45. He thinks that he is not good at acting
  46. Jungkook would like to make a duet with IU because he likes her voice
  47. Jungkook decided to learn how to play the guitar after seeing Justin Bieber
  48. When he goes on a trip in China, he wants to eat Peking Duck and visit the Great Wall
  49. Jungkook won a game at ‘MTV: The Show’. In the final, he battled with V
  50. Jungkook and Suga often share their underwear
  51. Rap Monster says that Jungkook takes the most space and he is the king, but his bed is the dirtiest
  52. Jungkook made a cute version of Boy in Luv
  53. If Jungkook gets a day off he will play video games
  54. He likes to boost the other members’ mood
  55. Jungkook doesn’t have much physical strength
  56. Jungkook has a dog named Cloud
  57. Jungkook hates bugs
  58. In school, Jungkook disliked everything except Physical Education, Arts and Music
  59. Jungkook didn’t exercise a lot until he saw Taeyang and Jay Park
  60. When he works out, he lifts 6kg dumbbells
  61. Jungkook and his whole family are good at drawing
  62. Jungkook felt uncomfortable when he had to draw the other members’ face, but Rap Monster’s face was the easiest
  63. Suga says Jungkook was the most handsome student in high school
  64. V says Jungkook was the most noticeable student in high school because he is tall
  65. Jungkook promised to BTS members that he will work hard
  66. His favorite nickname is Jeonjeonggukie
  67. He weighs 69kg
  68. His hobbies are drawing, playing the guitar and watching movies
  69. Most beautiful thing on his body: Lips & Thighs
  70. Three things that he likes are  exercising, eating tasty food and being alone
  71. Three things that he hates are bugs, getting hurt and studying
  72. He is interested in drawing, exercising, music, clothes, shoes, games and tasty food
  73. Jungkook believes that the most similar member to him is v
  74. A song that he recommends to everyone is ‘Voice’ by Sweden Laundry
  75. When it is difficult for him to sleep, he thinks of lying next to a river at night when nobody is there
  76. He thinks that from the other members his looks are the worst
  77. His goal is to sing good and become smarter
  78. Jungkook hates vegetables
  79. What the other members believe about his personality?                         -Jin: “He is quite bad at refusing              requests”                                   -Rap Monster: “He doesn’t                        share his clothes and he                  washes them separately.                  He wants to seem like a                    man, but he’s cute”                -JHope: “He always talks back                and doesn’t listen, but he                is kind”                                        -V: “We are the same”                      -Suga: “He is immature.                           However he knows what he             likes and what he dislikes”    -Jimin: “He’s kind, innocent                   and bad at expressing his                 feelings. That’s why he                     looks cute”
  80. Jin believes that Jungkook is the second noisiest member
  81. Jungkook likes it when a girl wears boxy t-shirts
  82. Three requirements for Jungkook’s happiness: Health, Love and Honor