EXO Scenario

~ D.O going to shoot a film for months in another country and both of you feel terrible but before he leaves, he gets jealous because you hugged one of the EXO members ~

You were sitting on the couch, of your and D.O’s apartment, and waiting for him to come home after his practice. It was 11 p.m. when you heard a noise from the door. You stood up. It was D.O. he seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Hi baby. How was your day?”  you said  “….. we have to talk..” D.O said

You were wondering what happened because D.O was n’t even looking at your eyes. He was looking down like he has done something really bad.

“Sure. You can tell me everything and you know that baby.”                                                                                             “My manager told me that I am going to film a movie.” “That’s fantastic!”                                                                   “The problem is that I will have to go to China.”                “Oh.” you said while you were trying to hold your tears back.

D.O saw how upset you were and rushed to you and hugged you. “What are we going to do?”  he said while tears were falling down “I can’t live without you.” and he kissed you.   When you found the courage, you turned to him. “We can figure this out. There must be a solution.”  you said while you were trying to wipe your tears. “How? I won’t be able to come back these two months. I won’t be allowed even to have day-offs! I am getting crazy to the idea of not waking up next to you and not seeing you…” D.O said feeling angry of what was happening but still tears were falling down to his cheeks.

You ran to your bedroom. Hours passed, and you didn’t stop crying. You couldn’t believe what was happening. D.O was standing on the door, watching you crying. He was feeling so bad. If he could he wouldn’t go to shoot this movie, but his manager told him that was the best for his career right now. “Please don’t cry.”  he said while he was attempting to wipe your tears  “You don’t know how sad you make me feel when you are crying.”   “What did you wanted me to do Kyung-soo?!You are coming home saying that you are going to leave for two months, we won’t be able to be in touch and you don’t want me to cry?!”  “We can text to each other all the time..” he said disappointed of the situation

You couldn’t do anything but accept what was happening. “When are you leaving?” you said when you stopped crying

“In a week.”

For the whole week, D.O decided to spend his time with you without going to practice. He was trying to convince you to go out on dates with him but you didn’t even want to go out for a walk. The only thing you wanted to do was to stay with Kyung-soo at home and spend those days cuddling together.

The day Kyung-soo was going to leave, you were extremely sad and couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly, you heard the door bell rang.                                                         “Good morn-” it was Baekhyun. He didn’t manage to finish what he was about to say when he saw you crying. At that moment, D.O was coming downstairs to see who came. “Good morning hyung. Will you help me put my luggage into the car? It’s going to be a difficult day.” D.O said while he was pointing at you and his flight ticket. You didn’t turn to see him because you didn’t want to make him feel even worse.”Oh..I almost forgot that’s the day..oh” Baekhyun said when he found out why you were crying. “Of course I will help you. Go and I will come in a minute”

D.O went upstairs, to your room, when his bags were on the floor. Baekhyun turned to see you and you rushed to him and hugged him. Baekhyun was the only friend you had and you knew that he was going to help you pass those two months.

“Hey, don’t cry. I am going to be with you the whole time. These months are going to pass so fast that you won’t even realize when D.O will come back.”  Baekhyun said while he was trying to wipe your tears.                                                                                                      “Do you..promise?” you said, still crying.                           “Of course I do. I swear.” he said when he hugged you again and started to caress your hair.

Minutes passed and you two didn’t even move. Baekhyun completely forgot to go upstairs and help D.O.

D.O was tired of waiting for Baekhyun to come so he to go downstairs and find him.”Hyung, you said you were coming in a -”  D.O stopped when he saw you and Baekhyun hugging each other and Baekhyun touching your hair. It was very for Kyung-soo to get jealous and at the moment he wanted to hit Baekhyun for what he was doing with you. You and Baek turned to him. “So that’s why you weren’t coming to help me and I was waiting for you.”  D.O said to Baekhyun  “D.O don’t misunderstand the situation. That’s  not what it seems-” Baekhyun tried to explain but D.O didn’t let him. “Yeah, that’s what everyone says, right? You know what? Now, that I’m leaving you can stay together” D.O said “Kyung-soo, Baek is right. Let us explain you and you will see there is no reason to be jealous.” you said while you were trying to approach Kyung-soo but he started to go upstairs.

Baekhyun came by your side and put his arms on your shoulders.”Let’s try to explain him again when he will come downstairs”  Baekhyun said

For the next twenty minutes, you were listening to D.O putting his clothes in his bags. When D.O finally came downstairs with everything he would bring with him, you tried to approach him again.                                    “Kyung-soo, please -”  you said when you tried to put your hands on him but he stepped back.                                                                                                                                   “Don’t!”  he said “I am so disappointed with you. I believed in our relationship. I believed in us!” he said to you with tears in his eyes. You felt like you couldn’t do anything but let him leave. Baekhyun did the same.

That night all the members of EXO decided to video call D.O and ask him about his trip. Although D.O wasn’t into the mood, he answered the call.                     “Hey..!”  everybody said                                                        “Hi.”  D.O said                                                                      “How was your trip?Unfortunately Baek is not here.”  Suho said                                                                                 “Everything was perfect. I really liked the flight..Well, I guess Baekhyun is probably hugging my girlfriend.”  D.O said and everyone could feel how angry he was.   “Wait. What do you mean? What happened?”  Chanyeol said                                                                                                 “Well I was waiting for him to help me with my things and instead of helping me, he was hugging my girlfriend and caressing her hair. On top of that, she didn’t even do anything to stop him!”  D.O said with tears in his eyes.                                                                         “Oh, hyung don’t be sad. I am sure that’s a misunderstanding.” Sehun said                                            “I am sure. That’s a bad prank.” Chen said                          “D.O, if you want I can go and ask them about the whole situation”  Suho said                                                     “But it seemed so real guys! I don’t think that I will be able to forgive them, but I can’t stop thinking of her!”  D.O said “I don’t know how these months are going to pass”  he sighed                                                                         “Well, you are not going to get rid of us that easy.” Chen said with a smile                                                             “Oh that makes me happy.”  D.O said  “Well it’s time to go. I am feeling so tired.”   “It’s because of the trip. Take some rest and don’t forget to be in touch with us”  Suho said “Ok, thanks guys. Goodnight” D.O said           “Goodnight!” all the members said

For the next months,  D.O was being in touch only with the EXO members, except Baekhyun. The day D.O was going to come back to Seoul he decided to call Suho.   “Hey D.O, we have missed you so much. Why did you wanted me to be alone for this phone call?”  Suho said “Hey, well I wanted you to do me a favor.”   D.O said     “Tell me and I will do whatever I can”  Suho said wondered  “Well I have decided that it would be better for me to stay at the dorms but the problem is that I don’t know if I will be able to stop myself from hitting Baekhyun.”  D.O said  “You know that you can stay here whenever you want. Be sure that you are not going to see Baekhyun but I really want to talk to you about that”  Suho said   “Oh hyung, please wait until I will come back to my old room”  D.O said  “OK, I can’t wait for you to come back” Suho said                                           “In about…3 hours and 40 minutes I will be back to the dorms.” D.O said with a smile                                         “Oh, I have to go. Someone knocks the door. Bye”  Suho said

After about 4 hours D.O arrived to the dorms and rand the door bell. Suho rushed to the door as he knew that it was D.O. “Finally. You are here.”  Suho said  and hugged D.O “Guys, guess who’s  here?!”  Suho shouted to the others. All the members rushed to the door. All except Baekhyun. D.O wasn’t feeling bad for that. Everybody followed him until he entered the room he shared with Kai and Chanyeol. Chanyeol and Kai stayed with D.O in their room.  “I can’t wait to stay with you again, hyung”  Kai said  “Yes. Actually, i have missed those days.” Chanyeol said while they were helping D.O take his clothes out from his luggage.

After an hour, the boys were listening to music when someone knocked the door. D.O opened the door to see who knocked the door. “Hey, we have decided to go and buy whatever food you want for dinner, so I thought it would be an opportunity to talk”  Suho said D.O without knowing what to do, decided to go with Suho and buy food.”Well, you know why we are here together”  Suho said”Yeah…”  D.O said “I believe there’s a misunderstanding between you, Baekhyun and your girlfriend.”  “From what I saw before I left the country …Imagine what they were doing these two months!”  D.O said while he was getting angry        “Stop.”  Suho said calmly “Let me tell you what was happening these two months.”   “What happened? Is  …… alright?”  D.O said while his heart was beating faster and faster. “Baekhyun was locked in his room the whole time. He was not feeling well and he didn’t want to see anybody. He has missed so many practices that S.M thinks of firing him.”  Suho said  “And when it comes for ….., she wasn’t in touch with him. I was the only one who was in touch with her those months. I was going to your apartment every single day, to bring her food and everything she needed, because she didn’t want to eat anymore. She didn’t even want to go out. She fainted twice because she was not eating well. She was feeling so bad about what happened the day you left. She told me that she tried to explain you what happened but you didn’t let her to.”

D.O started to cry. He was feeling so guilty.  “What am I going to do?”  D.O said and Suho hugged him “I want to see her.”  “That’s the best thing you can do” Suho said

D.O went to your apartment as fast as he could. He rang the door bell. You didn’t want to open the door until you heard D.O’s voice.                                              “Baby open the door, please..”  D.O said  “I am so sorry”

You opened the door and tears started to fall from your eyes as you saw him for the first time after two months. D.O rushed to you and hugged you. “I am so sorry. Suho told me everything. I know that you are good friends with Baek but I got so jealous”  D.O said “Will you forgive me?”   You nodded.                                     “I thought that we would never have the chance to talk again and forgive each other. Let’s forget what happened two months ago and move on.”  you said when you started to caress his hair. “I can’t wait to bring everything back and cuddle together for the whole night baby”  D.O said happily and kissed you.         That night was the best of your life. Finally, everything got fixed again.

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