EXO Member Profile and Facts: Chen

Kim Jong-dae (born September 21, 1992), better known by his stage name Chen, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-units, EXO-CBX and EXO-M, as well as S.M. Entertainment’s ballad group S.M. the Ballad.

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1. 2011 – 2014 = Career Beginnings:

Chen became a trainee through S.M. Entertainment’s Casting System in 2011 when he was 18 years old. On December 29, 2011, he was formally introduced as the fourth member of EXO. He made his first public appearance as an EXO member alongside Luhan, Tao, and Kai at the 2011 ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’. The group officially debuted on April 8, 2012.

In 2014, Chen joined the ballad group S.M. the Ballad, initially formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2010. On the group’s 2nd album ‘Breath‘, he sang the Chinese version of the title track ‘Breath’ with Zhang Liyin. He also sang a duet with f(x)’s Krystal titled ‘When I Was… When U Were…’ and ‘A Day Without You’ with Shinee’s Jonghyun. Chen performed his duets with Krystal and Jonghyun live at the ‘S.M. The Ballad Joint Recital‘ on February 12.

In July 2014, Chen released his first solo song since debut titled ‘The Best Luck‘ as an original soundtrack for the SBS drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, which stars his fellow EXO member D.O. ‘The Best Luck‘ was awarded the “Best OST by a Male Artist” and “Best OST Song” at the 5th So-Loved Awards and the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival respectively. Chen was also invited as a special performer at the 3rd APAN Star Awards on November 11, 2014, where he performed the track live.

2. 2015 – present = Solo Activities and EXO-CBX:

In June 2015, Chen co-wrote the lyrics for ‘Promise‘, a song from the reissued edition of EXO’s fourth studio album ‘Exodus’, along with fellow members Chanyeol and Lay. In August 2015, he made his musical theatre debut playing the role of ‘Benny’ in the SM C&C production ‘In the Heights’. He also participated in and became the runner-up in the 11th round of the music television show ‘King of Mask Singer’ under the alias ‘Legendary Guitar Man‘.

In January 2016, Chen performed John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine‘ with world-renowned pianist Steve Barakatt at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, as part of UNICEF’s “Imagine Project”. In February 2016, Chen and South Korean singer Punch released a duet titled ‘Everytime‘ as a soundtrack for the KBS drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’The song debuted at no.1 on Gaon’s weekly digital chart. In April 2016, Chen and South Korean rapper Heize released ‘Lil’ Something‘, a song produced by Vibe member Ryu Jae-hyun, as the 9th weekly single of S.M. Entertainment’s Station music project. In August 2016, Chen collaborated with fellow EXO members Xiumin and Baekhyun on an original soundtrack titled ‘For You‘ for the SBS drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’. In October 2016, he collaborated with DJ Alesso on another song for the Station project titled ‘Years‘. Later in October, together with Baekhyun and Xiumin, Chen became a member of EXO’s first official sub-unit EXO-CBX. The group made their debut with the extended play ‘Hey Mama!’.

In January 2017, Chen collaborated with Dynamic Duo in a song titled ‘Nosedive‘, becoming the first artist to be featured in the group’s collaboration project ‘Mixxxture‘. The song reached no.2 on the Gaon Digital Chart. In February 2017, he released an original soundtrack titled ‘I’m Not Okay‘ for the MBC drama ‘Missing 9′ in which his fellow EXO member Chanyeol played a supporting role.

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Personal Life:

On February 28 2017, it was revealed that Chen has been accepted into the advertisement media MBA program at Hanyang Cyber University.

Relationships – Rumors:

Until the middle of 2015, Chen was never involved in a rumor.

However, pictures of Chen and (maybe) his ex-girlfriend made the fans worried about him.

Also, there are rumors saying that his ex-girlfriend is Apink’s Bomi.

But that will remain a mystery because nothing was confirmed.

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Quick Profile of Chen:

  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Skills: Singing and Playing the Piano
  • Hobbies: Playing the Piano, Singing and Listening to Music
  • Personality: Loud, Kind, Gentle, Considerate, Funny, Hyper, Polite, Cheerful and Stubborn
  • Nicknames: ‘Chen Chen‘, ‘Chensing Machine‘ and ‘Funky, funky Chen’
  • Sub-Units: EXO-M, EXO-CBX
  • Super Power: Lightning
  • Motto: ‘Be happy!’
  • Religion: Christianity

Chen’s Favorite Things:

  • Food: Lamb Kebab, Chinese Food, Hotpot, Steamed Buns, Fried Cakes and Bread
  • Music Genre: R&B
  • Cartoon: ‘Donald Duck‘ and ‘Garfield
  • Color: Pink and Light Blue
  • Object: MP3 and Notebook
  • Fashion Style: Casual
  • Girl’s Generation’s member: Taeyeon and Jessica

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Facts about Chen:

  • It’s very easy for him to hit high notes
  • It’s said that he is the best singer of the group
  • He looks like Yuna from AOA
  • He sticks out his tongue whenever he laughs
  • His father is a main vocalist as well
  • His most memorable moment pre-debut was when the company threw a birthday party for him
  • He wasn’t into playing video games, but after living with the members of EXO, he finds himself playing video games more and more
  • The EXO members say that Chen always loses when they play games together
  • He hopes to collaborate with Super Junior someday
  • He has to right things in his notebook because he always forgets what he has to do
  • He is one of the worst dancers in EXO, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bad. He’s still an exceptional dancer, however, he knows that he has to become better
  • He wants to be the best at singing. Then he will start practicing dancing
  • He says that he admires Kris’s handsomeness, but he especially admires Tao’s ongoing humbleness. He likes how if Tao doesn’t understand something, he won’t hesitate to ask for help
  • He is very conversational, and treats fans, especially noona fans, very well. He laughs at all of his fan’s jokes, no matter if they’re bad
  • He treats his fans very well. At an airport, a fan accidentally dropped her phone after someone bumped into her. Chen told all of the fans to be careful and watch their steps. He went over to pick up the phone and return it to the fan
  • He is considered the troll of the group, always messing with the other members
  • Even though he seems quiet in some interviews, he’s actually very hyper, especially when he’s gets to speak Korean instead of Mandarin
  • He’s very close with Xiumin
  • He used to share a room with Lay in South Korea and with Kris in China
  • He debuted at the 2011 SBS ‘Gayo Daejun‘ alongside Luhan, Tao, and Kai
  • He has very prominent cheek bones that the other members are jealous of
  • However, despite having a great singing voice and good cheekbones, he says that his main charm is his beautiful legs
  • He says that he’s stubborn and likes to get what he wants
  • He doesn’t like people touching his ears
  • His dream is to become the world’s best singer
  • While he likes being complimented on his voice, he especially lights up when people compliment him on his looks
  • He is very considerate. Once when Lay injured his back during dance practice, Chen brought him to the hospital. He, also, rushed over to Xiumin on a variety show when Xiumin injured himself
  • Chen is becoming better at Mandarin, and at some points during interviews, he can respond to the MC’s questions before the translators get a chance to do their job
  • He is good at English
  • He is one of the most underrated members of EXO, alongside Xiumin
  • Before joining SM Entertainment, he was auditioning for a music conservatory
  • He always dreamed about becoming a singer
  • Before debuting, his parents was against him becoming a singer, but when they found out that it was SM Entertainment who offered him the opportunity, they became supportive
  • Chen says that he’s not a very romantic person, but he does like to take care of people
  • If he gets married someday, he hopes his wife will know how to cook
  • He likes listening to Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5
  • He can’t leave the house without his MP3 player
  • If he wasn’t an EXO member, he would be a vocal trainer
  • One time during a concert, he was throwing out signed balls to fans. One ball accidentally hit a fan in the head and he has felt bad ever since. He wants to find that fan and apologize
  • He is close to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
  • In a radio program, Xiumin said that his younger sister really wanted to meet Chen because she really likes him
  • In ‘Beatles Code‘, Chen admitted that he had his first girlfriend during 6th grade in elementary and had his first kiss with her
  • According to Suho and Chanyeol in a radio program, Chen and Baekhyun were the firsts in EXO to have their first kiss but the two denied it
  • Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O. are the ‘Gyeonggi-do’ line of EXO. Baekhyun is the ‘Prince of Bucheon‘, Chen is the ‘Pride of Shiheung’  and D.O. is the ‘Son of Ilsan
  • To Luhan, Chen had the worst first impression to him because Chen barely spoke when he first got into the group
  • Chen said that if he had to share a bed with any of the EXO member, it would be Sehun because they have never been roommates. Whereas, if there is anyone he doesn’t want to share a bed with, it would be Baekhyun
  • In Weekly Idol, D.O.’s rankings of the most handsome face in EXO are 1: Suho, 2: Luhan, 3: Sehun, 4: D.O., 5: Kai, 6: Kris, 7: Chanyeol, 8: Tao, 9: Lay, 10: Xiumin, 11: Chen, and 12: Baekhyun
  • Baekhyun and Chen were the latest members to join the group. They recorded the fastest trainee to debut in the history of SM according to a magazine interview
  • Baekhyun and Chen knew each other before they joined EXO because they went to the same SM audition
  • During the ‘MAMA’ era, many thought that Chen was Chinese.
  • According to Suho, fans call Sehun, Chanyeol, Chen and him as the people who cause natural disaster because of their power concept. Monsoon rain is by Suho, typhoon is by Sehun, heat wave is by Chanyeol and of course, thunderstorm is by Chen
  • Chen doesn’t like eating Chinese tofu
  • Chen really likes clutch bags
  • According to Chen, the Chinese member who mostly helps him with his Chinese is Lay
  • If Chen had the choice to select his stage name, he said it would be his initials, JD
  • EXO’s room arrangement during the ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl era: Chen with Kai, and Suho
  • EXO members ranking according to forehead measurement, from longest to shortest: 1) Xiumin – 7.6 cm, 2) Lay, 3) Kai, 4) Chen, 5) Suho, 6) Chanyeol, 7) D.O. – 5.3 cm, 8) Baekhyun, 9) Kris, 10) Tao, 11) Luhan – 4.8 cm, 12) Sehun – 4.6 cm
  • Chanyeol has the widest shoulders in EXO with 72.9 cm. Coming in second are Chen & Lay with 71.5 cm
  • Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen are called the Beagle line because they’re always over-energetic, hyper, always all over the place and joking around most the time
  • In a radio show, Chen picked Lay as the member he would want to date if he was a girl
  • Baekhyun, Chen and D.O. admitted that there were a lot of occasions where the members would sleep topless because they’re all guys
  • Chen has the nickname ‘funky, funky Chen’ because of his unique sense of rhythm
  • According to Baekhyun in a magazine interview, it’s easier to control Chen or Chanyeol, instead of him
  • Chen can beat-box
  • Between Love and Friendship, Chen would choose Love because “love doesn’t wait for you but friendship does.
  • He has a brother, who is 2 years older than him
  • Chen is a very thoughtful guy. After hearing this, Baekhyun said that compared to Chen, he is a bad guy
  • Chen studied Chinese language (Mandarin) when he was in middle school
  • Chen in hanja means “morning star
  • In many interviews, Chen answered that he was the one who chose to be in EXO-M every time he was asked why he was promoting in China
  • Amber of f(x) is close to the EXO members. In many fan cams, it can be noted that she is especially close to Chen, D.O., and Kris. Chen even admitted in a radio program that he is close with Amber
  • According to their stylist, Chen is too skinny that he will even look good in girl’s clothing. Chen even added that sometimes the small size is still large for him
  • Chen can play the guitar
  • Some of the EXO members [Xiumin, Suho, Luhan, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Tao, & Kai] attended Sehun’s high school graduation ceremony with bouquets of flowers
  • His shoe size is 250 (korean size)
  • In 2016, he was ranked as no.63 of the most handsome idols in South Korea 

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Chen’s Ideal Type of Woman:

Appearance/ Character: A girl with such pretty and charming eyes that all he can look at is her eyes. She should have a pretty smile and be petite. Someone who is sincere and can lead and care for him like an older sister.

Age Difference: Up to 5 years younger or older than him


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